Most of my time is spent in front of a computer doing stuff. Unfortunately,
what I work with isn’t open source, but most of my personal projects are.

In progress

I’m working on them whenever I have some extra time.

My solutions to the exercises from Structure and Interpretation of Computer
Programs, one of the most famous books in computer programming. Scheme is fun!

These are my dotfiles. I still don’t have everything on this repository (zshrc
is missing), but maybe it can be useful for someone else.

Algorithms from scientific papers

The Vector Field Histogram is very useful for path planning and I wrote a post
about it
some time ago.

Distractions & training

These were means for me to learn about JavaScript and Ruby (or about how
Pokémon works internally). I don’t update them very much, but sometimes I think
about them.

The 3 calculators would make cool webapps, tho.

  • Indigo PlateauGitHub

    I’m pretty sure I will sent it to the WordPress plugins repository, but first
    I need to finish it (at least provide the announced functionality without
    several kludges).

    WordPress’ coding standards are a bit ugly imo, but it’s PHP.

  • DamageCalcGitHub

  • TypeCalcGitHub

  • ivCalcGitHub

  • WobbieGitHub


Did some work on these in times long past, but they’re essentially dead now.

  • TrecogGitHub

  • Mojambo — …

    There are various projects and sub-projects inside Mojambo that I could
    ressurect or at least show to the Internet, e.g. the calculators above.

    There were some failed attempts at making a PHPbb forum &c, but I’ve deleted
    most of it. The cool stuff is in Ruby.

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