Monthly Archives: January 2013

Starting my final project

When I entered the Polytechnic School in Brazil, back in 2009, I didn’t have a good idea of what an “engineer” was. I just wanted to learn more things and somehow work with mathematics, my favourite subject in high school.

After 3 years and a half studying there and almost a year here in the US, lots of things have changed. I chose control engineering as my major, I learned how to program and was exposed to (sometimes tortured by) various other subjects.

I will have two more semesters before graduation when I come back to Brazil, but only if my final project is done by July/14. So I should start it now if I don’t want to wait for December/14 to finish college.

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Dealing with pet projects

Too many pet projects. Too many scraps of paper with “to do” written over them. A damn problem that affects almost every programmer I know.

I know it sounds lame, but I decided to be more productive during 2013. Some problems I realized I have, after meditating about the subject:

  • A desire to start implementing new ideas, but rarely leaving them at a “good enough” state (“it does everything I need it to do”).
  • The objectives, problems and ideas for each project tend to get dispersed among pieces of paper, notes on my cellphone/laptop and ideas in my head (that are usually forgotten).
  • A lack of a clear “path” to achieve the proposed objective.
  • The scope of each project tend to get out of control or too ambitious.
  • I hardly ever throw away an idea, except when I find a better one.

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